Delicious Yogurt Cake

Delicious Yogurt Cake

Sister took the baby to come over and play, she usually took the children don’t have time to get baking,

took the opportunity to do several I like cake give him a taste of today this yogurt cake is last year did

many popular a simple cake and eat up the heat is not too high, the taste is very delicate.
Reference weight: 8 inch baking pan and bake time: 150 degrees 60 minutes preparation materials:

4 unsalted butter 50g, old yogurt 200g, eggs, white sugar 50g, low gluten flour 40g, corn starch 25g,

white vinegar a few drops of production method: 1, butter, water is heated to a liquid state
2, add the yogurt stir evenly
3. Add egg yolk and stir well.
4, sieve into the low gluten flour and corn starch, with a blade cut mix evenly
5, protein added a few drops of white vinegar and beat on low speed into coarse bubble, sub sub join

white sugar slowly fast continue to play until hit filed eggbeater, proteins can pull bending angle
6, take 1/3 protein into the egg yolk paste, with a blade cut into uniform, and then the egg yolk paste

into the remaining protein paste, with a blade cut mix evenly
7, will be a good cake paste into the cake mold, the end of the shock, the big bubble shock
8, pan into water, oven to the bottom, preheat the oven to 150 degrees, then cake mold placed in lower

bake 60 minutes, released after the upside down in the pan and let cool removed
Tips: 1, pass the protein to rigid foam 2, yogurt choice thick 3, using the water bath method, baking,

the specific time according to the flexible adjustment of the oven

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