Fried chicken with beer cake with milk tea – harmful to health?

Fried chicken with beer, cake with tea, and chocolate, ice cream, etc……. These foods are gradually becoming a

“partner” in the leisure time, but, such a way of life really good?
Recently, the United States Food and Drug Administration announced: artificial trans fats pose a threat to public

health, will be completely eliminated in the 3 years of the United States Food System of artificial trans fats.
What is artificial trans fats? In fact, we have mentioned in front of the casual food all contain a lot of artificial trans

fats, then this thing on the health in the end what harm? In the future can not be assured to enjoy the food? Come

and listen to what the nutrition experts say.
Artificial trans fats, life everywhere
Before we know the artificial trans fats, first give you a brief introduction of trans fats, which also has a name called

“trans fatty acids”. There are small amounts of natural trans fat in cattle and sheep meat, milk and its products, and

the main source of artificial trans fats is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, its appearance has been more than

a century, was once regarded as the industrial age a breakthrough invention, because of its and natural trans fats

compared to low price, and also has the increase the crisp feeling and extended shelf life and other advantages,

so it is widely used.
However, the fried chicken, cakes, milk tea, chocolate, ice cream, which is mentioned in the front, can only be the

tip of the iceberg with artificial trans fats. So, what are the artificial trans fats hidden in the food we eat? Director

of the Zhejiang Institute of nutrition, Xixi Hangzhou Street Community Health Service Center nutrition studio

director Miu Qin for everyone to do the classification.
“A cream tea category, such as cream cakes, tea, chocolate, ice cream and many people in diet salad will often use

salad dressings, etc.; the second is deep fried category, including the foreign fast food such as fried chicken,

French fries, potato chips, and many people often work overtime to eat sour cool party instant noodles and

other; the third is baked, like biscuits, puff, egg yolk pie.” Miu Qin said that these foods in our daily life can

be seen everywhere, and even can be no exaggeration to say that every day contact.
Eat artificial trans fats, will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease
U. S. Food and Drug Administration for why the United States in 3 years to completely eliminate the American

food in the artificial trans fats? The key reason is that it has been a threat to public health.
“A large number of epidemiological studies and animal experiments proved that long-term excessive intake

of artificial trans fats may increase the risk of obesity, memory loss, dementia increased prevalence rate, increase

the risk of cardiovascular disease such as, especially on cardiovascular diseases affect the evidence is the most

explicit.” Hangzhou City, a hospital nutrition department director Jiang Hong said the Department of nutrition.
Fred Kumero, a professor at the University of Illinois, has been struggling with artificial trans fats for almost

60 years. In the 1950s, in the University engaged in research work kummerow persuaded a local hospital, be

anatomical heart disease death in patients with arterial tissue. As a result, in the dead of the arterial tissue found

lots of artificial trans fats. Subsequently, kummerow and do the experiment, he gave the mice fed containing

artificial trans fats in food, they gradually atherosclerosis, and when the substance from the diet after culling and

experimental arteriosclerosis gradually disappear.
It is based on the scientific research, many hospitals in the diet of hospitalized patients with artificial trans fats

intake has been carried out strict management. “In the menu did not like fried chicken, fried fish, fried foods,

because vegetable oil in high temperature will generate trans fats. At the same time, we will not provide food,

such as bread, biscuits, cakes and so on. Patients proposal can provide some packaged bread, we are patient is

explained, adhere to the patient brewed grain of rice pudding. ” Jiang Hong said.
Hospital in addition to hospitalized patients with artificial trans fats in food, nutritionists also on hospital

cardiovascular disease patients and their families for nutrition education and one of the key is to avoid artificial trans fat intake.

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