machine for cupcake papers cup, baking paper cup, cupcake cups, paper cupcake holders

machine for cupcake papers cup, baking paper cup, cupcake cups, paper cupcake holders

our hot sale product cupcake papers cup machine can greatly save your labor cost as it is with the functions of automatic feed paper and collect the end products, so the semi-automatic baking paper cup machine is replaced. Our cupcake cups machine can be used with many different types of paper cupcake holders machine mold. (round, square, rectangular, triangle,etc. We also provide Mold Design Service) It’s means easy to produce different kinds of paper cups.

We want to develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry, to create the industry well-known brand, and strengthen research and development of key technologies, key breakthrough products in the field of weak links, to create conditions for the future of the industry to seize the high ground, to maintain sustainable development, to create a product with a level of technology.

muffin cup machine

baking cup machine price

ModelFD-009-A Semi-automatic cake tray machine
Paper materialgreaseproof paper,PE coated paper and others
Paper specification40 gsm~120 gsm
production capacity20-40 times/min 15-20pcs/time
Total power1.5kw
Power supply220V
Air supply1 MPa
packing meas600*550*1550mm

Manual Machine Video:

our automatic cupcake wrappers machine details

ModelFD-010 auto Cake Tray Machine
Paper materialgreaseproof paper,
Paper specification40 gsm~120 gsm
production capacity20-40 times/min  15-20pcs/time
Total power3kw
Power supply380V
Air supply1 MPa
packing meas1660*1650*1350mm

Why Choose us?

1. Our machine is with high speed and high efficiency. 2. Simple operation and easy to change the mold. 3. Offer mold design service.


There are more that 20 factories for automatic cake tray machine in China. We can not guarantee you the most lowest price, but we can promise you the unique product quality.

Reason of low price product:

Thinner and cheaper material.

Results of purchase low price product:

It is easy to rust and wear machine. Not matter for what products, quality is the most important point. Quality is the market.


1. Low price than the automatic machine
2. Easy to operate and change the mold.
3. Offer mold design service.
4. It can use the PE coated paper.

below is our product semi-auto muffin cup machine details

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