Muffin cup machine manufacturer technology future trends

Muffin cup machine manufacturer technology future trends

Global corrugated muffin cup machine industry will maintain a 4% growth, the emerging markets of South America, including Brazil, Chile and Argentina, including the annual growth rate of 3%, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian market growth rate of about 7 percent; the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russia and other Eastern and Central Europe market growth rate of 4%; China growth is expected at 7%.
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According 2016–2021  muffin cup making machine industry competitive market research and investment forecast report, the global muffin cup machine demand will grow at a rate of 4.2% is expected by 2017 will reach 234 billion square meters, of which nearly half of the demand for carton increase the amount from the fast-growing Chinese market, China with its size and high growth rates, will continue to maintain its dominance in the global corrugated packaging market.

Cartons strong market demand, but also allow people to look gradually transferred to the printer muffin cup forming  machine industry.

In fact, the modern technology used in the field of packaging, packaging technology so that more simplistic, more scientific and reasonable. As in the past  packaging extrusion, hot pressing, stamping molding process has been gradually used in muffin cup machine, the paper packaging more widely. The technological level of China muffin cup machine, and now the whole, than sticks overall level of advanced countries about 20 years behind the competition in terms of product development, performance, quality, reliability, and service at a distinct disadvantage.

Looking at the development of paper packaging and printing technology has the following several new features: single layer of material in the direction of the development of multi-layer materials; variety of printing offset, gravure, flexo and screen printing co-exist, which will flexography the fastest growth; sheetfed to web development and production of single-line direction to achieve complete sets of equipment supply; a variety of related integrated application of new technologies continually optimize the entire production system; increasingly subject to increasingly stringent environmental Restriction and health standards.

China muffin cup making machine technology, and now the whole, the level of sticks advanced countries than in the whole 20 years behind the competition in terms of product development, performance, quality, reliability, and service is evident in disadvantage.

Among these, the production of carton packaging machinery integration, efficiency and higher requirements, that is, the need for more integrated machine appears. At present, China muffin cup machine and equipment relatively dispersed, small devices with integrated functions, packaging machinery refers to complete all or part of the machinery and packaging process. Mechanical packaging products have many advantages, not only can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, but also to adapt to the needs of large-scale production and to meet hygiene requirements. From this, the prospects for the development of packaging machinery is very broad, but if you fail to grasp the core technology of high-end, we can only make money for others, to work out.

After the printing process packaging process more scientific and applicable, significant changes in the performance and effectiveness of the packaging has occurred. For example the last package of waxed surface treatment, coating process has gradually been gluing surface (spray process) substitution, as well as anti-counterfeiting packaging production process, have been produced by the local printing or steering monolithic large area of ​​printing and production security.

Motion control products and the role of technology in packaging machinery is mainly to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, mainly used for loading and unloading, transport, marking, stacking, unstacking and other processes. It is clear that the motion control technology is the difference between high and one of the key factors, the low-end packaging machinery. The packaging machinery upgrade technical support has become a bottleneck in the development of domestic high-end packaging machinery.

In addition, developing remanufacturing industry is imperative. Currently, a lot of paper packaging plant equipment are aging, backward, especially serious energy problem. More impressive is the manufacturing economy is not only burn a bottomless pit, but one can have a tremendous economic benefit rich gold mine it, because the cost savings is equivalent to earn shining white silver. For the majority of enterprises, manufacturing has broad enough to let the market enjoyed high profit margins.

In recent years, the rapid development of muffin cup machine, resulting in carton packaging plant are moving in this direction. We like to buy energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. The rapid development of cars, computers, mobile phones, engineering machinery, etc., are expected to become a huge potential of circular economy. Currently, China’s manufacturing industry is in the ascendant, in this environment, muffin cup machine can also benefit.

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