Our packaging machinery development trend of the future

Our packaging machinery development trend of the future

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muffin cup machines The United States is the world’s countries with a long history of development of packaging machinery, which has already formed a complete independent packaging machinery system, its varieties and production are living in the first world. US automation program has been applied with more advanced packaging, US corporations are committed to pursuing the global market with the characteristics of favorable packaging from the packaging material, equipment, marketing and other aspects, which is entering a mechatronics, laser scanning, radio frequency emission, nanotechnology and packaging system simplifies the New World.

As currently the world after the US packaging machinery

Producing countries of Japan, Japan is a relatively late start, but the packaging equipment experienced the introduction, digestion and development of the research process, and its absorption of foreign strengths and make improvements.

Japan’s packaging machinery manufacturing medium and small enterprises, the main catch two core technologies, one of the application of computer technology to the packaging field, the second is to develop advanced packaging machinery. After the Japanese packaging machinery and equipment produced in the production of the product testing standards, it would also concerning the safety of packaging machinery, health and energy-saving for testing.

Compared with the United States and Japan, the domestic packaging machinery is mainly reflected in the technical aspects of the control technology and product reliability gap is too large, the domestic packaging machinery technology updates slow outreach of new technologies, new materials, new technology narrow, the overall level of development of the domestic packaging machinery industry, the gap with the developed countries is large. From packaging machinery products, the lack of domestic packaging machinery and equipment and high-precision large-scale packaging machinery, low level of technical equipment, old equipment, low efficiency, poor accuracy, these disadvantages make domestic packaging machinery companies uncompetitive in international mall .

From the rise of Japan in the packaging machinery experience, Japan is the use of new technology in other areas and thus created a new situation. The successful experience of foreign packaging machinery show, for corporate research and development investment if 1% of sales, business to survive, can barely 2%, 5% to be competitive.

Domestic packaging machinery companies in order to have a new development, we must actively attract talent, while increasing research funding to produce marketable products. At present, the rapid development of the domestic packaging machinery mainly rely on the huge domestic market demand, if the domestic packaging machinery companies want more long-term development, it must be based on the present, to solve current technological backwardness, lack of funds.

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